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VERY PLEASED, WITHIN THE HOUR! my upper back got relief, after you’ve aged a mite you tend to slouch and of course gravity sets in but this keeps my shoulders back hence my spine straightens !!! Thank you, Rick

Richard G.

I ordered one for me and my girlfriends really wanted one so I ordered them. Great product. I have spinal stenosis and it supports every part of my back. No other back brace came close. 

Carol J.

This is just what I have been looking for. I have slight scoliosis of the spine, osteopena and arthritis in my back. This therapy brace pulls my shoulders back so I am not slouching and comfortably aligns my back into the proper position relieving the majority of my pain. I highly recommend it. Additionally, the customer service from this company is OUTSTANDING...unlike any I've experienced before.

Elizabeth B.

I only have used it for a short time this morning and I believe that it will help me correct my slouching posture. I was standing up straight while wearing it.

Teresita B.

Just the right product for my need! good product for my needs as an 80 year old man than tends to bad posture....

Ronald T.

Thank you! It is exactly what I hoped for and works better than expected.

Charles K.

comfortable to use , wear for as long as comfortable and realise that's where your body should be, wear again to keep the correct posture going.

John R.

It works! I am always skeptical when I buy things online, but this really helps. Not a cure but any help is appreciated.

Marilyn P.